The Victorian town of Penarth, standing proudly on its headland, gazes out over the Bristol Channel towards the not too distant shores of Somerset. Penarth Pier The heart of Penarth lies in its bustling town centre with its busy shops, pubs, café’s and its streets of magnificent towering houses built for the shipping magnates and their captains when steam ruled the world and coal was king. The soul of Penarth is to be found below the tranquil gardens of Alexandra park on the Victorian promenade where locals and visitors stroll through the icy gales of winter or sit outside the bars and café’s on warm summer evenings.At one end of the promenade stands the yacht club and lifeboat station, while at the other end, from behind the large pavilion the old pier steps proudly out into the sea. The pier, second home to many local fishermen, once welcomed the paddle steamer Waverly during the summer months, where passengers embark to cruise the coastline of the Bristol Channel. Sadly the world is a little older and the paddle steamer has been retired. To the East, above the yacht filled marina, one can gaze down onto Cardiff, the capitol city of Wales with its ancient castle and magnificent Millennium Stadium. Directly below lies the recently completed barrage with its large locks and elevating road that allows boats to pass from the huge freshwater lake known as Cardiff bay into the freedom of the sea. To the west of Penarth town lies the country park of Cosmeston.Penarth Promenade Stroll around the two large lakes or take the longer country and woodland walks. Feed the ducks or walk along the boardwalks through the extensive reed beds and spot the various birds and water fowl. Or take a trip back in time and visit the working medieval village rebuilt on the original site of the ancient village of Cosmeston using as much of the original materials as possible. Check out The Gallery for pictures of Penarth.

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Pictures of British birds from the humble little Sparrow to the Golden Eagle and where to find them.

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Enter the world of the chilli pepper, from mild to meltdown, Check them all out on the CHILLI Page.

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Enter the world of the beautiful British butterfly, where to find them and what they eat.

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Enter the world of the British mammal from the tiny Water Vole to the magnificent Red Deer.

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Enter the world of TRIVIA, from acronyms to phobias with some history, geography, and a few other odds and sods thrown in.

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Quotes, Sayings & Other Wierd and Funny Stuff
Quotes and sayings from famous people and not so famous people.

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Simple page of fun and nonesence and the odd anoying rant.

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Welcome to the world of cocktails. Enter the world of exotically colourful drinks, of strange and tantalizing flavours, the world of gigantic hangovers. Amaze your friends with your in-depth knowledge of strange but intriguing liqueurs, help them explore the unique flavours of tropical fruits, fresh spices and coconut milk brought together in your collection of spirits from around the world.
Blend them, shake them, mix them then pour them over crushed ice or on the rocks or set them alight for spectacular effect. Treat yourself and your friends to a night of tropical treats and send them home, drunk but happy.

Enter the world of COCKTAILS.

Come and experience the new updated cookery page, food for all occasions, all tried and tested, all delicious. Designed for the occasional cook, plain and simple, no difficult techniques involved, a cook book for those who like good food made easy. All the recipes are as basic as possible so don’t be afraid to experiment.
If you like it spicy then add some more spice, if you like garlic then add some more garlic, if you like it hot then get yourself some chilli's. So get yourself to the kitchen, pour yourself a glass of wine and get cooking.

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A quick look at the various types of pasta shapes available and what their names mean.


Follow the travels of Val and Leight around the globe from the heights of Fox Glazier New Zealand to the depth of the Grand Canyon U.S.A.

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